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Information for Employers

Southeast AlabamaWorks brings resources and information together for Employers, so you can hire from the best possible talent pools. 

State of the Workforce

Southeast AlabamaWorks delivers a report for elected officials twice a year, available below, called the State of the Workforce Report.  

Alabama Office of Apprenticeship
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The Alabama Department of Commerce officially launched Apprenticeship Alabama, a program committed to ensuring employers in Alabama have the tools needed to develop an industry-driven, Registered Apprenticeship (RA) program. The program offers tax credits to companies that hire qualified apprentices who receive classroom or industry-specific instruction and on-the-job training.

The state of Alabama began the legal process to start the process of assuming responsibilities from USDOL for promotion, registration, technical assistance, and monitoring for all RA’s.

Apprenticeship Alabama follows the U.S. Department of Labor guidelines for apprenticeships and focuses on five industry sectors targeted in the state’s strategic plan for growth, Accelerate Alabama.

Hiring Incentives

Hiring Incentives

The WOTC is a Federal tax credit available to employers for hiring individuals from certain target groups who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment.

The FBP provides fidelity bonds to employers, giving them access to job seekers and opening doors of opportunity where none existed. The FBP, a unique hiring incentive tool, targets individuals whose backgrounds can pose significant barriers to securing or retaining employment.

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Industry Clusters
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Industry Clusters

Industry Clusters are regional concentrations of industries that fuel our workforce. These clusters are comprised of companies, suppliers, service providers, government agencies, and institutions that provide education, training, information, research, and support to Southeast Alabama.

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Southeast Worlds of Work delivers a highly immersive hands-on career experience that connects thousands of 8th-grade students with over 85 local businesses and corporations.

The event exists to encourage, inspire, and inform students of high-demand and high-wage career opportunities in the southeastern region.

Investment opportunities positions are available. Southeast Worlds of Work is looking for business and industry leaders in all eleven worlds of work to serve as World Operators.

Partner with Southeast Worlds of Work to expand your organization's reach, impact the workforce's future, and connect with over 6,000 students/potential employees.

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Southeast WOW


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